We are not just Counselors. We are professional Psychologists.
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The International Center for Psychological Counseling & Social Research [ICPC & SR] was established in 2007 to fill gaps in understanding the complex realities of human lives and their role in development. ICPC & SR is a non-profit, non governmental service organization dedicated to improving the lives of human in poverty, advancing equality and human rights, and contributing to broader economic and Psycho-social well-being. ICPC & SR accomplishes this, in partnership with others, through research, capacity building and advocacy on issues affecting human economic, health and social status in low- and middle-income countries.

We conduct research and analysis that offer true insight into issues that affect human lives. We translate research into policy and action options, advocating and building support for policies by informing experts, leaders and policymakers of our findings and experiences. We help organizations based on their decisions in reality, and provide guidance and "actionable insight" to strengthen their programs.

We work with communities, partnering with other organizations to bring about social change. We promote the volunteering and we try to provide voluntary support for people and communities in India who need it.

We are still in the beginning of our development. Our official registration was made in 2nd may of 2011. We are registered under the Society Registration Act, 1860 – with certificate number 254/2011.
In this stage of our development we still need to build the partnership and voluntary support from specialists experienced in management of non-government organizations and activities in social area and business area.